Are You Coaching For Business or Coaching For FUN?

Coach Garnet’s Spark:
Do you know how important play is? Can play be taken seriously in the corporate or entrepreneurial world? Nearly 4 years ago I was introduced to the idea of coaching and this is where I first experienced the pattern language of “play” and just why is so important towards moving to the next level. Today I was reflecting again on just how important it is to play and have fun along the way in my own journey. I went back to a TED Talk by Stuart Brown that I studied during my coach training at CoachVille. I encourage everyone to watch this video as Stuart makes many powerful points about the importance of play in our lives, from early developmental years that prepare for life, to maturity where we stay open when we play. In a nutshell, PLAY has a biological place just like sleeping and dreaming. So get out there PLAY HARD! and remember to have a whole lot of FUN along the way…you WILL get results!!

Do It Like Your Life Depended On It…

GM_Harvey MacKay

Coach Garnet with Harvey MacKay

Coach Garnet’s Spark:
I love following the advice of those who have already blazed the trail ahead of me, especially if it involves what is business coaching. The other day, I read my weekly newsletter from Harvey MacKay and had to share it here with you.

For some time now, I have been coaching for business and training people to consider what they are doing as if their life depended on it. This was a theme I came across in books such as The Alchemist and the life story of Steve Jobs…and now straight from Harvey MacKay. I enjoyed reading his list of “I would have…” and love the idea of getting involved with his wifes interests so that he can communicate at her level too. I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did, and please feel free to comment and share if any of this resonates with you!

If I had my life to live over . . .By Harvey MacKay

Humorist Erma Bombeck once wrote a column titled “If Ihad my life to live over.” In it she offered such nuggets of wisdom as, “I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded” and “I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.”

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Business Coach vs Business Consultant

Coach Garnet’s Spark:
If I had a dime for every time I explained this it would be great ROI :)

Here’s a great way of explaining the difference that Jason Assen, of FocalPoint International Canada Inc., wrote:

A Business Coach and a Business Consultant often get put into the same category but in fact they are very different. In its essence coaching is all about asking questions and consulting much more about having an area of expertise.

business-coachConsultants are generally brought in to fix a problem or provide some sort of report in an area of expertise. In this type of relationship there is little transfer of knowledge from consultant to client and can be shorter term.  They roll up their sleeve’s and get at the work for the client.

Coaching is all about the transfer of knowledge from coach to client and also about being a sounding board, cheerleader and confidant.  It is also about bringing new strategies, tactics and methodologies to your client that they can then utilize in moving them self forward towards their goals.  Coaches provide accountability and make sure the client is doing what they need to get where they want to go.

There is an old Chinese proverb that reads… “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is a great explanation of the difference between coaching and consulting.  As a coach we teach our clients to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

If you think you would like to experience coaching…simply contact me and we’ll set up a 20minutes complimentary Exploratory Session to discover more about what you are doing and where you want to get to.

Follow John Maxwell’s lead

Coach Garnet’s Spark:
I have many mentors and hero’s and I am excited to be re-posting a message from two individuals that I am regularly inspired by…Harvey Mackay and John Maxwell. Here’s Harvey’s article based on an interview he just did with John regarding the importance of leadership. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

By Harvey Mackay

Follow the leader. It’s more than just a child’s game. It’s a fundamental skill in business.

John MaxwellJohn Maxwell is one of the most respected experts on the field of leadership. He’s written more than 70 books, most of them focused on leadership. Many have graced the New York Times bestseller list.

You may have heard John preach on the Hour of Power broadcasts from the Crystal Cathedral. John’s clients range from a National Football League team to West Point and a Fortune 500 company. More than 100,000 people listen to him every month and are members of the Maximum Impact Club. He’s the source of countless quotes that inspire the lives of millions of people daily.

I recently had a chance to interview John Maxwell. WOW! He offered up so many golden nuggets that I want to share some of them with you.

John warns that: “Too often we get to the top of the mountain and say, ‘Here we are as leaders. Come up here and join me.’ We don’t understand that you’ve got to go to where the people are.” Continue reading

Coaching for Business Tip#9: How Well Do You Know Your Vendors?

Coach Garnet’s Spark:

Another great way to build your business is build a relationship with your vendors or suppliers. This is not a new concept and I recall when my mentor Alex Mandossian shared this as part of “The Karmic Marketing Nest”. When you can support and promote your vendors, they will support and promote you. It’s extremely important to build relationships with your vendors and those around you can bring in new customers/clients and increase awareness of your company branding.

The people you work directly with on your products and services are really the ones with the most to gain when you find success. By taking the time to get to know them, you’ll find a whole host of opportunities you didn’t realize were there. Continue reading

Coaching for Business Tip#8: Telemarketing is NOT the Anti-Christ

Coach Garnet’s Spark:

Are you afraid to make a call to one of your prospects or customers?
Does it feel like your phone weighs 500 pounds?

Today you’ll learn how to use direct mail marketing and, yes, telemarketing to your full advantage. I know, the word “telemarketing” might as well be four letters, but there is a way to help customers feel like they are getting personal attention and keep them from blocking your number!

With the success direct mail marketing has had and the availability of computers, these can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your success. Telemarketing is best for high priced, high margin products/services.

Here are the key steps to putting together a highly effective direct mail marketing program:

  1. List all benefits customers will get from the purchase of your products and services.
  2. Pick the single most powerful benefit out of that list. Continue reading