When You Leave, We Hope You Are On A Better Trajectory

Often I go to LinkedIn to research marketing and business thought leaders. I recently read an article by Alex Cresswell, Business Leader & Global Accounts for LinkedIn, where he shared the three things he learned while being with LinkedIn…1) Culture, 2) Diversity and 3) Being Inspired.  If I were to sum it all up, it’s about helping others to be successful.

I loved his favourite onboarding statement when interviewing for new hires, “when you leave LinkedIn, whatever your career trajectory was before you arrived, we want it to be significantly better.”  It is this kind of confidence that I believe inspires many of their employee’s to give their best. How many companies do you know of that embrace the “life afterwards”?

A great way to grow your business is to understand and appreciate that your relationship with your employees is most likely not going to last forever. Embrace this…and while they are working within your organization, do whatever you can to make them successful. Their success will inspire others and everyone’s boat will rise when the tide comes in.

Doodle Your Meeting

Have you ever wanted to organize an event and found yourself pulling your hair out trying to coordinate calendars for everyone? Ever sent emails out to a group and then found yourself spending more time responding and coordinating the event than the actual event itself? I can honestly answer “yes” to both of these questions too and the expression “herding cats” come to mind 🙂

This past month I found myself getting organized for a training that I will be leading in January. It involves a large group and most of whom I do not have access to their outlook calendars to check availability. Thankfully there is a simpler way with an online scheduling tool called “Doodle”. This nifty little tool simplifies the process of scheduling events, meetings, appointments, etc.

You also have the option of linking it to your device calendar and/ or FaceBook accounts. There is a free version which is good to use to get familiar with things, although limits you to 20 participants.

One handy feature is the “Who is Missing” function. In a long list of attendee’s it is handy to be able to generate a list of who hasn’t participated in your poll yet. In my case, I used that to create a “reminder” email and received an additional 8 responses within 4 hours. So the next time it’s your turn to herd cats you have another option 🙂

A Primer on Conflict Resolution

conflictRaise your hand if you’ve ever been in a conflict…by now everyone should have both hands in the air! As part of the BC Community Forest Association conference that I attended this month, I participated in a primer on conflict resolution presented by Jamie Chicanot of ADR Education.

One of his key messages was that a more productive was to resolve conflict is to focus on the “interest” not the individual. I’ve always felt that conflict can be healthy when approached with an open mind. Jamie hit on this point too. Too often we become defensive and close our minds. His advice was to get curious. Look to understand the situation fully and then resolve the issue by looking for common ground within the mutual interests.

Mr. Chicanot is a fabulous trainer…if you are ever looking for a little help through a process, I highly recommend him!

Video Marketing – Quick Tip

My business partner and I are fan’s of using video in our marketing and I know that many of you reading this are too. But have you ever stopped to think about the best place to put a video on your site? Or what size should your video be?

Wistia is a video marketing platform. We haven’t enough experience to really give proper feedback but I did want to share an really good and informative blog post with you that they published. Essentially they have been able to track the metrics on position in 7 zones and if your video is “above the fold” in Zones 1 and 2, then is will have the highest chance of being played.

Regarding size, both width and height that fill up, but don’t overwhelm, the screen area are the most effective. Optimally if you can publish your video’s 400-600px wide by 300-450px tall you will have the best results. Click here to read the full article.


Are the People Who Work For You Empowered?

The Japanese and Chinese word for improvement is “Kaizen”. In the business world, Toyota is likely the most famous company to adopt a Kaizen approach in the 1990’s when they faced a labor crisis in their business model. In their metamorphosis to a more efficient and productive business, they created systems that empowered people at any level to ask questions and come up with solutions. The idea is to be open to new ways of doing things to get better results.

KaizenHow often have your looked at your systems in your own business? Are there areas that can be improved? Do you know what results you are looking for?  Perhaps it is time to have a Kaizen look at your business and systems to get better results. I know that this is what I am always doing.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

One of my favourite quotes from George Bernard Shaw is “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

JeffBezosBookWhile on holidays this month, I finished reading my book on the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. I couldn’t help but reflect on Shaw’s quote in the context of how incredibly resilient Bezos had to be to build up his vision of an “Everything” store in Amazon. In the book, there is a short comparison of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. Both individuals lived without “filters” and if not fully understood would be considered by many as insanely rude. The flip side that I see is a leadership quality of such clarity, conviction and drive to make a difference in the world. In Bezos case, he is ruthless in communicating his passion for customer service and performance of the company.

The book was voted business book of the year and I recommend it to anyone that is running their own business or looking to create something in their own vision.

You Have to Actually “DO” Something

Setting goals and being creative is valuable and I am a firm believer in this being the starting point for any endeavor. But so is going the next step…aka getting some “dirt under your fingernails” too. In other words, vision boards and affirmations only take you so far…eventually you have to actually “DO” something if you want something to happen. Yes, you have to do your own push ups and swim your own laps!!!

AsanaA great tool that we use in our company for tracking action items is Asana. Here’s a link to the Mission statement for this online tool that I feel aligns very well with what we are focused on achieving. It’s a very intuitive tool and allows collaboration for many people that may not share the same office space or geographic location. This was key for us as we are in 6 different locations across BC working in all of Western Canada. If you have a complex project and a diverse team, this may be a useful tool for you too. Enjoy and “get ‘er done!”