Have Courage: The Importance of Taking Risks in Leadership

courageOne of the perks of being in a different country is the great variety of new resources. On the flight from England to Northern Ireland I picked up the magazine in the seat pocket and read a great article by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. Both authors have written dozens of award-winning leadership titles. Their article was on entrepreneurs and the importance of having courage in the role they play as leaders.

The following resonated with me, “The ability to face adversity without being overcome by fear is courage. Like grit, it involves the capacity to persist under extremely challenging circumstances but includes the additional element of fear. Not everything that requires grit requires courage, but everything that requires courage also requires grit.”

Owning and growing a business requires true courage with a healthy dose of grit. Not all ventures will be successful. It takes courage to make the tough decisions whether to stay in or get out, speak up or stay silent, say yes or say no. Your choice is not right or wrong but what is important is that you pursue the noble cause or aspiration that comes from within. Next time you are feeling the pressure of your business, approach it with a capital “C” Courage and remember that with no risk (fear), no gain.

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