Kicking the Dirt with Peers to Raise the Bar

This past month I volunteered to organize and tour a group of professional peers as part of a learning opportunity for the broader community. We looked at dry-belt Douglas-fir management within the Kamloops Timber Supply Area. This involved coordinating a field trip into the woods to look at specific management practices that we are employing, much of which I am involved with as part of a management role on behalf of the Logan Lake Community Forest. The event was well attended with over 25 participants representing more than a 10 different organizations.

Kamloops TSADuring one of the stops I put on my “Coaching Hat” for a quick opportunity to do a bit of team building. I took the group through a small process that my daughter Lindsay had shared with me from her soccer academy in school.  I could tell by some of the awkward looks and comments afterwards that I had stretched the “comfort zone” of a few of the participants.  From my perspective this is exactly what I was looking for. As a group we entering a phase of professional forest management that demands more from us both individually and collectively. The exercise gave me great insight towards peoples behaviours and I look forward to working very closely with them all as we move ahead.

Sometimes we have to deliver a message in order to get the message. I now understand where I can focus my attention and the whole day was incredibly valuable on so many levels. What have been some of your learnings from a time when you volunteered?

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