Master Presenter Strategies

7strategiesI am involved with public speaking and/ or board meeting presentations often. This is a craft in which I feel I’ll always be learning. In preparation for an upcoming event, this month I re-opened my book of “Seven Strategies of Master Presenters” by McRea and Brooks. The seven strategies are:
Strategy 1: Know Thy Audience
Strategy 2: Prepare Outstanding Content
Strategy 3: Use Superior Organization
Strategy 4: Develop Dynamic Delivery
Strategy 5: Make It Memorable, Actionable and Transferable
Strategy 6: Manage Yourself, Difficult Readers and Difficult    Situations
Strategy 7: Total Quality Improvement

Here’s a golden nugget strategy for any presentation:
1. Make a point
2. Tell a story
3. Repeat

People love a great story. Learning how to tell a great story is key. I like seeing people smile, so for myself I look towards a story that has humor. Getting a chuckle out of an audience increases their ability to learn and absorb more by elevating their senses. My goal is to get my message across.

Here’s an a quick snapper from the book, all though a bit dated, this one made me smile and laugh:

Not long ago I was flying to Las Angeles, where I was scheduled to speak at a conference. I was at Kennedy Airport in New York, standing in line to check my bags, and the guy in front of me was giving the baggage checker a difficult time.

He was being terribly, obnoxiously abusive. I didn’t say anything – the man was not only upset, he was big. After he moved away from the curb, I expressed my sympathy to the checker for the verbal bullying she had taken.

“Do people talk that way to you often?” I asked her.
“Oh, yeah. You get used to it…”
“Well, I don’t think I’d get used to it.”
“Don’t worry…After all, the customer’s always right.”
“Well, I don’t think he was right in this case,” I said.
“Don’t worry.” The checker repeated. “I’ve already gotten even.”
“What do you mean”…
“He’s on his way to Chicago…but his bags are going to Japan.”