Know Your Client to Deliver Your Best

This month I delivered two training sessions regarding the same subject matter. Both were boutique sessions between 6 to 10 participants.

selkirk-saintsThe first group was a more junior, inexperienced group of professional peers. The second group was all folks with 25+ years experience, in fact one of the attendee’s and I used to play on the same Selkirk College soccer squad together in 1988 (check out that handsome #10 fella – he he he).

Although the subject matter was the same, I knew my audience was vastly different, consequently preparation for both events was vastly different. In some respect, it required more of me to train junior folks because the field of questions was much broader.

When working with your clients, it is critical to “know” them as best you can. Because if you are not, I assure you someone else is