95 Million Years of Terror in Tumbler Ridge

I went on a little road trip this last month to Tumbler Ridge, a fascinating community located in the northeast part of BC within the majestic Rocky Mountains. Originally set up as a mining town in the early 1980’s, it’s seen its share of ups and downs.

In 2000, two boys (aged 11 and 8) were tubing down the Flatbed River and jumped off to soak up some sun. When they looked down, they were convinced they were looking at dinosaur tracks. It took them some time to convince their parents to come have a look, as they thought it was simply a matter of over-active minds of the children. Sure enough, they were right and the beginning of another chapter began…95 million years ago, a “terror” (aka herd) of dinosaurs walked this very area!

I was attending a conference for British Columbia Community Forests with a colleague from work and we were fortunate to get a “behind the scenes” tour of the museum and the most recent discoveries. Our guides were the two palaeontologists on staff and it was fantastic to see such passion in them and their work. If you are ever up for an adventure, add Tumbler Ridge to your bucket list – a spectacular location with endless outdoor adventure to be had!

Here’s the group shot of our conference attendee’s…bonus points if you can find me 🙂