Coach Garnet Mierau with Player Cher Kok Keng, Singapore


Farah Risoen

Farah Risoen

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Garnet as my coach. He’s focused, encouraging, and technically savvy and always has great ideas & suggestions for me to try! Some of the best things about Garnet are his patience, ability to listen, and teach effectively. During our coaching calls, he asks really good questions to help me get clarity on what I need to next, and how to stay on track!

I’m very grateful for all of Garnet’s support & guidance, and appreciate his coaching in helping me build my online business.”

Farah Risoen – The Rising Light Way


Wayne Girodat

“A positive way to look at overlooked opportunities in my business life. Garnet opened my eye to the limitless potential inside me”

Wayne Girodat, CFP, CHS, CPCA
Sun Life – Kamloops Branch

2012 Advisor of the Year
Sun Life AGM Training – January 18, 2013


Bea Fields

Bea Fields, PCC

“Garnet Mierau falls into the category of what I call a world class coach. He has a presence about him that gave me the space and freedom to be open and honest without any type of judgment. The coaching I received from Garnet truly helped me to make a connection between a role that I have been playing for a long time and a current situation in my life. As a result, I now see the area of growth that I really need to hone in on for the future. In my opinion, Garnet is the consummate professional and when you hire him, you will be so grateful to have him supporting you as your coach.”

Bea Fields – President, Bea Fields Companies, Inc.


Blake Mitchell

“Garnet and I have worked together in multiple groups over the past few years. The nature of the groups and activities involve fairly intense challenges with groups of people numbering in the hundreds. These people come from every walk of life with varying abilities and skills and are all undergoing the same challenges outwardly. But inwardly, addressing their own demons. I have watched or experienced first hand, Garnet’s incredible selfless devotion to the betterment of others. Over and over, he set aside his own needs or achievement to assist others. People naturally follow Garnet and he is indeed a natural leader. I would continue to work with Garnet at every opportunity, given the chance.”
Blake Mitchell – Real Estate Investing Coach


Coach Deanna Stull

Coach Deanna Stull, PCC, CVCC – Chief Experience Officer at CoachVille

“His passion for coaching and his desire to lives is remarkable. Hire him! We did!”






Evelyn Torres

“The experience with Garnet, not only as my class professor but as a coach and mentor, has been simply amazing. Garnet is a genuine and sincere person who inspire you to create a safe environment of discovery and growth. His support was not only limited to the class he taught but his support and guidance went beyond expectations by providing inspiration to find my value as a coach. He is a talented coach who helped me work with the issues that were keeping me stuck on my fear to declare my right to coach.

Coach Garnet made my journey a fun and exciting one, full of wisdom and most of all upbeat inspiration. I know he is living his purpose every time he challenges you to think and find your own answers.

Coach Garnet…. you are my hero! Thanks!”
Evelyn Torres, Transformational Life Coach and owner of AwarenessWisdom


Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine Taylor

“It is with great pleasure I provide a testimonial to Garnet Mierau. Garnet has been coaching me for a few months after I attended 2 sessions of Ultimate Internet Bootcamp (UIBC), in which Garnet was a staffer helping those attending who had any problems.

As a one-on-one coach Garnet has provided me with help, not only on technical issues with my website, but also personally. He has made me focus on what is important, stopped me from making too many mistakes and guided me on issues that I was not even aware of.

He has great empathy with those he coaches and really cares about your outcome. He wants you to achieve as much as you do, perhaps even more. His experience and background has enabled him to provide help on technical issues, but most of all he has a great understanding of human nature and makes you really focus on the important things in your life. He made me understand that it is alright to want to achieve in all fields you are interested and passionate about, but not to scatter yourself widely and therefor achieve nothing. I’m focussed thanks to Garnet and will achieve my dreams.

I would recommend Garnet as a life or web coach to anyone.”

Lorraine Taylor
Sydney, Australia


Coach Garnet Mierau with Player Kit Yeng Poon, Singapore


Lisa Schultz

“Garnet Mierau has a wealth of information and experience to share with his clients and is passionately dedicated to serving them beyond their expectations. His dedication to helping others succeed is inspirational to me as his colleague in the UIBC Click and Be Free program. I am grateful for his support with accountability and Masterminding as I know his energy and commitment to achieve ambitious goals will rub off on me and all who associate with him.”

Lisa Schultz – Self-Publishing Expert


Player Gary Scheer, New Jersey, USA


Rosanna Sardella

“Garnet, I just wanted to say how grateful I am that are paths crossed! I have made many changes both personally and professionally these past couple years. A lot of these changes were difficult. Having you coach and guide me has helped me to move through those transitions with more peace and into more clarity of my path. You have amazing insight and knowledge especially with helping me with my business. I have implemented the strategies and advice and have seen amazing results because of it. I want to THANK YOU for sharing your gifts and knowledge with me, working with you has been a real blessing in my life.”

Rosanna Sardella – Owner, Emerge Centre For Inner Healing


Coach Garnet Mierau with Player Claude West

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